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A Grand Day Out-Hubertus Hunt 2016-Pimp My Ride
Background Hubertus Hunt or Hubertusjagt in Danish is a strange sounding name that is derived from St.Hubertus the patron saint of hunters. Today it is steeplechase/cross country event run over the old Royal hunting grounds in Dyrehaven near Klampenborg just north of Copenhagen with the imposing Royal Hunting Lodge, the Eremitage Palace at its centre. Traditional hunts were run here in the time of King Christian V at the end of the 17th century and the Hubertusjagt was the final hunt of their season taking place in late autumn. Fast forward a couple of hundred years to 1900 and  it was decided to restart this tradition and run it on the first Sunday in November with riders qualifying for the event by competing in various steeplechase events around Denmark in the preceding months. Today there is no hunting involved but the first two riders out who start ahead of the pack wear a fox tail as a nod to the hunts history.   Over the last 110 years or so the gathering has developed an enthusiastic following with the event attracting upto 40,000 visitors that spread out over the parkland bring picnic baskets, plenty of alcohol and warm clothing. Some […]
The No Hunting Hunt
The No Hunting Hunt. Hunting with hounds can be a delicate subject and I am not sure what the law is here in Denmark, it is banned in England. But I did find out that this was a no hunting hunt with only a scent being laid for the hounds to follow. In recent years here on Møn there has been a gathering of traditional fox hunting clubs from Denmark and the Hamburg area in northern Germany and I have looked out for it as something that I would love to photograph, so I managed to wangle myself an invitation from Ole Eskling who was in charge of the whole event.   The Gathering The hunt was due to start at 10am I wanted to be early and I was slightly nervous, it almost felt like I was going off to photograph a wedding. I didn’t really know what was going to happen, I know next to nothing about horses. It was good to be early, I parked up nice and close to the manor house, “Klintholm Gods” where they were due to leave from. Horses were been readied and exercised, boots polished and outfits put on. It was the real […]
Fisheye and Takeaway Photoshoot
Fisheye and Takeaway Time to raid the hard drive for some content to show and tell. This time not so old but some client work I was really proud of that involved a fisheye lens and some takeaway food and a car interior. The Concept Was to illustrate Indian takeaway food to pitch to a client. So in London , where you can hire absolutely anything and everything for a price, we got ourselves a “Karma Kars” cab. Karma Kars are a fleet of vintage Indian Ambassador cars based on the Morris Oxford from the 1950’s bought to England and then the interiors are decked out in range of different colours and materials, they can be hired out for a wide variety of purposes; weddings, hen and stag parties, and for photographers and art directors to have some fun with. The Job We didn’t want to shoot in a car studio, they scare the hell out of me, so in my usual relaxed style I just hoped for the best. It was in the late autumn time in London and hopefully the weather would be overcast and the cloud cover would act as a giant softbox, and thankfully that is […]
Wedding Destination: Sicily By Richard Clark
Sicilian Wedding or Raiding The Archive For Some New Content. Looking back at this wedding in Sicily is like using the way back machine or perhaps back to the future, lets just say it was last century, so last century in fact it was shot on film! I am not going to look up when it was actually shot all I will say it that it was 2 very good friends of mine who got married, a make up artist and a food photographer so most of the guests were “in the business of photography” make up artists, stylists,assistants and a few dozen photographers and the dress was designed by Matthew Williamson. Sicily The location was central Sicily, the home of the bride’s family, it was the end of August and as hot as hell. Technical A bit of a nightmare for photography, bright sun,white wedding dress, dark suit for the groom…..what to do? I wanted to shoot black and white so the answer was to downrate the film from it’s marked ios value of 400 to 200 thereby giving a low contrast look and the chance to record the blacks on the groom suit and the whites on the […]
Winter Hunting Photographed by Richard Clark
Winter Hunting. Hunting is a subject that I wanted to photograph  for a long time and it has taken a long time to organise . I finally got the chance to photograph the winter hunting trip  at Thorhøj on the island of Møn in Denmark. The pictures  are part of a series photographed at  the Thorhøj Hunting Club on the island of Møn in Denmark December 2014. Members pay a yearly fee to join the club and compensation is paid to local farmers who set aside land that is kept in a more natural state to encourage pheasants and other animals to breed. The club members gave me a warm welcome in their slightly unusual Clubhouse; a converted shipping container that was warmer than my house. After a breakfast of fresh bread, cakes and a few shots of Gammel Dansk we were ready. The Sweepstake A sweepstake was held and my limited Danish meant I didn’t understand the rules completely. It went something like this.You had a choose a number to represent the number of “kills” that day, a pheasant was one point I think, but a rabbit was two because it had a pair of ears….you understand why my […]
Nov 11
VSCO I have been using the VSCO Cam app for iPhone, VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company and is pronounced Vis-Co, for a few months now and I really like it. Think of it as a hipster version of Instagram. It was part of a conscious effort to do more social marketing over the last few months and I choose VSCO as one way of achieving this. And after a few months of using it and uploading my pictures to VSCO one then another were chosen to go on their curated VSCO Grid Follow Facebook Instagram www Thanks for looking!  
Look Who I Met Out For a Bike Ride
Bull On The Run It was another case of; “What happened when I was out on my bike” stories. An escaped bull on the run along the roadside. I had managed to get a few good late autumn rides in accumulating a couple of hundred km’s and was getting , as they say in cycling terms “good legs” again. It’s great to live here just to be able to step outside my front door and start cycling properly at a good pace, in my London days it around take me and hour of dodging traffic and dodgy roads before I could find some clearer routes. Møn was known as the “Pearl of Denmark” due to the the chalk white cliffs and associated landscape and what is locally known as the “Alps of Denmark” with hills reaching up to almost 100m high! That really is an insult to the Alps! But it does represent more of a challenge when many rides I have been on I seem to have a headwind all the way round!   Strava App In 2014 I started using the Strava Cycling app on my iPhone which is a really interesting bit of kit and it can […]
Halloween Baking Ideas
 Halloween Baking Ideas First off, I  did not make these wonderful cakes! My skills are strictly behind a camera.In an effort to keep my contributions to my online stock portfolio ticking over I decided to produce some seasonal and local content with some Halloween baking ideas. They were courtesy of my local Konditor, Tommy Digemose. He makes seasonal cakes at different times throughout the year marking different celebrations in the Danish calendar. I have photographed Tommy at work before and you can see that work here The Halloween baking ideas were photographed at different times the white ghost cakes were photographed a couple of years ago, the pumpkin inspired cakes I photographed this Halloween and I tried to match the style. The Ghost cakes cakes are made from a frangipan base dipped in chocolate then shaped with buttercream with a piece of marzipan draped over it, shaped and then decorated with more chocolate. Photography wise I wanted to create a darker scene. To achieve this with the cakes I laid them out onto a dark background and then highlighted them with an overhead gridded spot with a small amount of fill light to knock back some of the harsh […]
Oct 10
There are lots of traditions in Denmark that are naturally new to me, being and immigrant and all that! But I am learning slowly some of them at least. This one involved a wedding anniversary celebration, singing and musicians of course. Let me try and explain. Some married friends of mine a Texan and a Dane, yes there is a bona fide Texan living on Møn! They asked me if I could photograph her parents 50 Year Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations. It was summertime when he asked me, I checked…..Of course I said “yes”, they are good friends of mine, then he told me the date, 18th December, my heart sank, it sank even further when I went to meet them and talk about their plans. I was about to learn  a lot about Danish traditions. The tradition is for a brass  band or at least a couple of musicians playing brass instruments to serenade the celebrating couple who greet them from their bedroom window whilst all the guests congregate in their garden. This is a great tradition in the summer but not so great in the middle of a dark Danish winter at 7.30 in the morning. The day […]
Getty and the Nordics and Microbrewery
Getty the Nordics and a microbrewery. This series of microbrewery pictures came about after I was asked if I wanted to attend a meet-up of Getty photographers at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. I have a confession to make; I don’t really enjoy the company of others photographers much. There, said it, I feel better for that, sorry fellow ‘togs! Too many ego’s too many opinions everybody wants to criticise each others work but rarely praise, I guess it says more about me than anything else. I digress again. Back on track, the meet up was great. There is a lot of uncertainty about the state of the photography stock market at the moment and Getty are ideally placed to influence the market. But I must admit they have made some strange decisions regarding their pricing structures on both RM and RF collections and they have been slow to react to the presence of new entrants to the RF market such as Shutterstock who offer subscription packages to clients that Getty have been very slow to compete with losing market share as a result. But the Getty analysts had some very useful information to pass on. Copenhagen had been chosen […]
Food Foraging In Denmark
Food Foraging In Denmark Another one of those “jobs” I give to myself to keep my self to keep me sharp in between real jobs with the hope of selling some of the pictures on some of the picture libraries I contribute to. Partly inspired by my trip to a Getty sponsored meet up in Copenhagen that I have talked about before. It was an attempt to illustrate the idea of food foraging, a topic that seems to be in the news more and more because of the influence of such chefs as Rene Redzepi at Noma who uses seasonal foraged food in his restaurants menu’s. What To Eat and What Not To Eat So  I approached my friend Katrine, who works as Nature Advisor and she is someone who really knows what can and can’t be eaten, to see if she would be my model for this food foraging idea. Thankfully she agreed and she came up with some great ideas. She really did forage for some great produce. Sea Hawthorn or Havtorn The yellow/orange berries in the pictures are Sea Hawthorn and they are a really popular berry to pick here in Denmark in late autumn and early […]
Road Cycling in Sydsjælland by Richard Clark
I wanted to play around with some low angle  viewpoints whilst road cycling  in Sydsjælland. So, taking some cues from Chase Jarvis I clamped  a Manfrotto Super Clamp to my METAL bike and attached my D800 with a Nikkor 16-35 wide angle zoom on the other end. To fire the camera I used two Pocket Wizards one connected to the camera the other taped to my handlebars. At this point it was time to ride this rig and surprisingly after a few slow speed wobbles pushing off it was pretty stable even with $5000 worth of camera gear hanging off it. I choose a quiet stretch of road I knew well and liked because of the avenue of trees and the gently undulating road would give me some nice variations within a couple of hundred metres of road. Firing off a few test frames revealed that it would be tricky to find the correct shutter speed and focus point to get some background blur but still keeping the bike sharp, it is essentially a tracking shot, with the camera obviously moving at the same speed as the bike. But my set up theory worked. After a few modifications to the camera […]
Sep 30
Squashed Frog by Richard Clark
It’s Amazing What You Pick Up When You Are a Photographer. The Squashed Frog Yes it’s another out for a bike ride post with a twist, a squashed frog! It’s great cycling here just pull my bike out of the garage  open  the gate hop on and  start riding no traffic jams, no pollution just top quality danish Tarmac. It’s a great time to think and clear my head of all useless crap spinning around inside, well there cant’t be  much left you say after a few minutes? Well I do go out for a least 10 mins…… The dangers of cycling here are of course the killers on 4 wheels, cars, but the biggest dangers tend to be on 4 legs; deer, rabbits,dogs and most dangerous of all the mad farm cat with a death wish. So far I have avoided them all with no epic falls to report. Apart from clearing my head of useless stuff it’s a good time to think usually about photography and what the heck am I doing. I can usually solve a few problems whilst out or else come up with a few new personal projects to shoot and may be sell  online, but  I’m always […]
A Visit To The Cobblers
I needed to get a bag repaired,the zip had jammed.  Not knowing where to go to get it repaired I of course turned to Google who recommended  a visit to the cobblers in the shape of Carsten Itkin . It meant a trip to the big city of KBH ( KoBeeHogh) the locals term for København These street  level basement entrances are a little tricky to find but are a popular location for a businesses such as a cobbler. It was quite a place as I hope you can see from the pictures  with approximately 2 square cm of floor space reserved  for customers to hand over their wares to be repaired. My bag was handed over, the problem explained, dodgy zip and a repair sought. Meanwhile my attention was wavering from the job in hand to the pictures I could take in this Aladdins den of a workplace. After a “Danglish” conversation it was agreed that I could take some pictures with my proper camera an  iPhone ain’t much good in a dark basement when I came back to pick up my bag. Talking more with Carsten  it became clear that he was a step above your average cobbler with […]